Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

Our 50-year History Over the past half century, Nikken has sought to utilize our safe, reliable, and delicious flavors and food products to bring better health to the greatest number. We remain committed to this goal and to the further service of our customers.

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1964 Nikken Foods is launched in the Sonezaki Shinchi area of Osaka’s Kita Ward with 2 million yen in start-up capital.

The company appears on the scene in the merchant capital of Osaka in the very year of the Tokyo Olympic games.

1969 Activation of Osaka factory

Nikken’s craftsmanship enjoys its start right here when the company’s initial production base is completed.

1973 Nikken headquarters moves to Nishinakajima, Yodogawa ward, Osaka prefecture.

Meanwhile, the dollar, previously fixed at 308 yen, switches to a floating exchange rate with an initial value of 277 yen.

1976 Shizuoka factory completes first-phase construction

Nikken builds its long-awaited factory in Shizuoka, the heart of Japan’s archipelago. Our landscaped manufacturing complex materializes.

1978 Shizuoka factory completes second-phase construction.

The factory is enhanced to strengthen production capability.

1982 Nikken Foods Company, Limited is established at current headquarter premises.

Nikken enjoys a fresh start, and its first step, at the new corporate headquarters in Fukuroi City.

1984 Shizuoka factory completes third-phase construction.

Comprehensive production system serves as foundation of headquarter factory. The production system is fully established, business is up and running, and the present headquarter factory finds solid footing.

1987 Products research labs are completed.

Telecommunications infrastructure becomes the buzzword, and the spotlight is on technical innovation. Change is upon us, as even the Cold War shows signs of thawing.

1991 New corporate headquarters are completed.

Japan’s bubble economy begins to collapse. The world enters a period of multifaceted transformation.

1995 Construction is completed on the headquarter tea factory.

Nikken begins development and manufacture of instant tea and other health-conscious food products.

1996 Nikken celebrates the establishment of Nikken Foods Taiwan Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai RiYan (Nikken) Foods Co.,Ltd.

Our international strategy is launched. Nikken’s global outreach begins in Asia.

1996 Nikken celebrates the establishment of Nikken Foods Taiwan Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai RiYan (Nikken) Foods Co.,Ltd.

2005 Thai Nikken Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is established.

Responding to the Islamic niche, Nikken’s entry into Thailand signifies global as well as Asian expansion.

2006 Nikken’s Tokyo sales office moves to Nihonbashi.

Nikken enters the Tokaido corporate corridor with a sales office in the business hub of Tokyo.

2007 Nikken Foods USA, Inc. is established.

Nikken incorporated a master broker as the US subsidiary, seeing a sizable potential market for diet and health food products.

2010 The company launches NF50 Project (factory construction and a system overhaul in anticipation of the 50th corporate anniversary). The Nikken Foods USA offices and warehouses relocated. Kassey Foods Co.,Ltd. completes anti-seismic facility reinforcement and soundproofing.

2011 Thai Nikken Foods Co.,Ltd. is established New extract factory is completed. Nikken receives FSSC22000 certification for its food safety system.

The Nikken manufacturing system is further bolstered with certification, and prepares to meet increased global market demand.

2012 Construction of headquarter tea factory is completed. Construction of Thai Nikken Foods Co.,Ltd. factory is completed. Anti-seismic reinforcement of Nikken headquarter factory is completed.

Nikken’s crisis management system is reinforced, incorporating the anti-disaster reinforcement of the headquarter factory.

2013 Nikken Foods sees completion of the NF50 project.


Nikken Foods prepares to celebrate its 50th corporate anniversary in 2014.

We wish to express our gratitude to our global customers, and look forward to serving you in the future!

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