Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

About Us

CSR Policy

Nikken Group contributes to the development of sustainable society by constantly attempting to improve the corporate value, and addressing activities having an impact on economy, environment, and society with transparent and high ethics.

Code of Conduct

Legal Compliance
We comply with Japanese laws and regulations and social norms. We comply with laws and regulations in relevant countries, conduct corporate activities with respect to their local cultures and customs, to be a world- trusted company.
Establishment of trusting relationships with our business partners
We conduct honest and highly transparent transactions to maintain strong relationships with all of our business partners. And we provide safe products, services, and accurate relative-information for customer satisfaction and their trust, in order to achieve mutual prosperity and contribute the realization of healthy society.
Establishment of trusting relationships with stockholders
We realize improvement of the corporate value and continual development, to be the company trusted by our stockholders.
Coexistence with community
We coexist with local community by participating in their activities voluntarily.
Contribution to environmental conservation
We conduct business activities that save the energy and resources, and procure sustainable sources to reduce the adverse environmental impact.
Well-being of all employees
We create the safe and comfortable work environment and respect each other to achieve all employees' well-being./dd>

Compliance Declaration

Our corporate objective is to contribute to the health of the global population through the manufacture of natural flavors and health-conscious food products.
Nikken Foods unites in promotion of compliance management. Employees implement strict self-discipline, conducting business activities to comply with all regulations and societal norms, ensuring fulfillment of our corporate responsibilities toward society while realizing growth and happiness for customers, suppliers, stockholders, community members and employees.

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