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Environmental Initiatives

Nikken Foods is vigorously engaged in activities to protect the natural environment—the sole source of our natural flavors and other products.
In August 2008, our head Shizuoka factory received ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management.
In addition, we proactively compost discarded green tea leaves following the extraction process at the tea factory in ongoing efforts to recycle organic resources.

Environmental Policy

Nikken Foods, the company engaged in food production, believes that our responsibility is to protect and sustain the global environment. Not only receiving the blessings of nature, as an environmentally-conscious company, all employees participate in our environmental improvement activities.

Certification scope

Development and manufacture of Natural Flavors and Health-conscious Foods (including tea extract and powder)

Certificate of Registration ISO14001:2004   Certificate of Registration ISO14001:2004

Nikken Foods Organic Resource Recycling System

The Nikken Foods corporate philosophy is global promotion of health and naturally good tastes through food. One way of achieving this is by supporting environmentally-sound organic farming. Nikken Foods practices such organic agriculture at our headquarters by recycling tea leaves used to manufacture powdered tea as organic compost for soil improvement. The Nikken Foods farm will continue utilizing healthy vegetables in our activities to promote a gentler environment in harmony with the community.

Nikken Foods Organic Resource Recycling System

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