Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

About Us

Greetings & Corporate Philosophy


Delivering health and naturally good tastes worldwide through food

Since our corporate founding in 1964, Nikken Foods activities have revolved around our corporate philosophy of “contributing to global health through a food business focused on natural flavors.”
We are redoubling efforts to meet expectations and maintain customer and stakeholder trust through our ongoing responsiveness.
The Nikken Group values our customers’ continued support and looks forward to a productive future together.

President & CEO Kourin Ochi

Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to global well-being: Bringing better health to the greatest number.

Our dream is global expansion of health and natural flavors through food.
A healthy society is peaceful, safe, comfortable, and filled with joy. A healthy lifestyle is dynamic, useful, and dedicated to fulfilling hopes and dreams for one and all, across the planet.
At Nikken, we put healthy global societies and lifestyles first and foremost. To that end, we tirelessly channel our experience, hone our technology, and pursue advancements.

Why the name “Nikken”?

“Nikken” comes from two key Japanese words: ni for “day” and kenkyu for “research,” inferring our motto of “Ongoing research to develop foods benefiting human health.” The Nikken corporate culture is steeped in daily research and study, constantly conscious of progress—it is a culture sustaining us even today.

Corporate Symbol
Nikken’s “N” incorporates two green leaves, a natural motif enclosing our heartfelt concern for humans and health.
This symbol of gentle enclosure represents Nikken Foods’ sincere efforts to enhance and protect food safety and security, while expressing our corporate concern for the environment, from which we benefit.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Be aware of others’ concerns, continually strive to help and delight others in our daily actions.
At Nikken, each employee sees his or her role through the eyes of others, discovering problems, pinpointing solutions, and understanding how he or she can help.
In helping others, we ultimately improve ourselves.
Based on the Nikken motto, we produce “food that is safe for ourselves and our children to eat.
Creating safe and reliable products for our customers requires us first to create products that are safe for ourselves and our children to eat.
This is the most important and fundamental concept throughout all Nikken product development and manufacturing.
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