Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

What are “Natural Flavors”?

Meat, fish, vegetables and other raw materials
serve as delicious and healthy products.

Natural flavors —primarily fresh natural ingredients—help retain the original savoriness and aroma of ingredients, and are used as healthy seasonings in a wide range of food products.
Natural flavors from Nikken Foods incorporate fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, and fruit, along with fermented condiments such as soy sauce, miso, and fish sauce, and yeast extract, as their primary ingredients. Nikken applies its unique technology to these ingredients, creating powders and pastes which are delivered to customers worldwide.

The natural flavor advantage

More appetizing aromas, no unpleasant smells
Natural flavors contribute wonderful aromas to foods, while minimizing or masking unpleasant smells.
Mild and delicious
Natural flavors have the power to contribute a rich depth (kokumi) and mellow smoothness to foods, while moderating excess bitterness, saltiness, or sourness, successfully balancing flavors.
Unique flavor enrichment
Natural flavors can enhance and/or supplement the inherent flavor of ingredients, offering the reassurance that foods will not lack characteristic flavor.
Enhanced umami!
Umami and other flavors synergistically reinforce the umami savoriness of foods.
Simple, handy, and cost effective —a triple winner
Natural flavors advantageously represent an all-purpose, versatile, and stable food flavoring at economical savings. The timeless, rich results afforded by these natural flavors serve satisfy the desire for the real thing and the need for better health.

Primary uses for natural flavors

Natural flavors incorporate natural components such as amino acids and peptides which contribute to savoriness (umami) and richness (kokumi). Other such components include organic acids such as lactic and citrus acids, as well as inosinic acid, guanylic acid, and other nucleic acid-like substances. Aroma components in natural flavors, meanwhile, bring out the taste inherent in raw ingredients. They are increasingly in demand by those interested in health and the environment, and for the safety they represent in this day and age.

Nikken products are used in the following foods:

Meat products
Ham, sausage, hamburgers, croquettes, dim sum dumplings, meat buns, etc
Seafood products
Seafood soups and bisques, various types of fish cakes, and more
Soup products
Noodle soup, soup stock and dashi broth etc.
Retort pouch products
Curry, stews, pasta sauces, rice porridge, etc.
Arare rice crackers, senbei rice wafers, cookies, and a range of snacks and gelatins
And more…
Flavors (dashi soup stock), flavored sprinkles for rice, dressings, etc.

Nikken Foods serves the following types of businesses:

・Food services  ・Takeout and lunchbox shops  ・Supermarkets (food products)
・Expressway service areas (tea, etc.)  ・Ramen and other instant foods

Natural flavors assist in lending deep, rich flavor to a wide array of processed foods. They are also found in foods in everyday locations such as supermarkets and convenience stores. The natural seasoning market is not limited to manufacturers of processed foods, but extends broadly outward to restaurants, the lunch food industry, and other fields.
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