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Development Initiatives

Umami powder: introducing this low-sodium, power-packed taste sensation to the U. S. Developed product: Soy sauce powder without wheat Product type: powder (spray-dried)

Developing a low-sodium umami ingredient for health-conscious Americans

The average Japanese consumes 2,800 calories per day, whereas the average American’s daily intake is some 3,800 calories. When it comes to sodium consumption, Westerners average 8 to 10 grams per day, whereas Japanese are likely to consume 11 to 13 grams, both a great deal higher than the 6 grams or less recommended by WHO (World Health Organization). “Diet makeovers” incorporating reduced sodium seem to be common worldwide. The focus is definitely on lower-sodium products, yet no matter how healthy something is, if it doesn’t taste good, it will not sell. There must be a way to make food more delicious while keeping salt at a healthy level…

Developing frozen hamburgers that are surprisingly healthy and delicious!

In a country where fast food and takeout meals are the norm, Americans require frozen foods that can be consumed with minimal fuss. Frozen hamburgers are a staple product lining the freezers in nearly any grocery store. Yet the search continues for a savory, flavorful frozen hamburger that tastes like it’s hot off the grill. There must be a way to create such a product…

Subtly enhancing flavors with Nikken’s natural flavors

The Nikken R&D team initially sought to incorporate soy sauce, as that is what Japanese reach for when flavor is somehow lacking. Americans are gradually recognizing the Japanese concept of umami in the form of soy sauce, which is slowly becoming a common condiment on the kitchen table. Unfortunately, wheat, a fundamental ingredient in soy sauce, presents serious allergy issues…

Creating healthy flavors that do not trigger wheat allergies

More Americans have allergies than do Japanese, including wheat allergies. Soy sauce is composed mainly of wheat and soy beans, presenting a difficult problem. The ideal solution is removal of wheat from soy-based flavors. The R&D team scrambled to contact soy sauce manufacturers and, through mutual cooperation, finally obtained a wheat-free soy sauce. Shipping liquid to the U.S. would be costly (due to weight), and shelf life would shorten. The soy sauce was therefore processed using our spray dry technology, creating a powdered product for shipment to overseas production lines.

A new product, answering the dual needs of a health-conscious, fast food-loving culture!

Innovative umami seasoning solved the double challenge of creating a delicious, non-allergenic hamburger. The Nikken R&D team developed a wheat-free flavor enhancer that heightens hamburger patty savoriness while reducing salt content.
Customers expressed delight over the compatibility of flavors. Nikken’s efforts to confront the preferences of Americans head-on paid off with the creation of a groundbreaking seasoning.

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