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Development Initiatives

Recreating the flavor of a popular restaurant’s juicy chashu pork barbecue Developed product: CVD-processed gourmet chashu Product type: Vacuum-dried powder

Creating a powdered seasoning that tastes just like real, juicy chashu

The working reality: a production line limited to the use of powdered ingredients. The customer required a powder that tasted just like real chashu, the Chinese barbecued pork often used as a topping for ramen. Our job was to come up with a seasoning to recreate that meaty, juicy flavor.
The theme: a powdered chashu that reconstructs the umami of roasted marinated meat
The key word: the juicy chashu feel!

Using CVD to powderized meat, fruit, vegetables and other fibrous ingredients

The CVD (Continuous Vacuum Dryer) offers a unique drying process that, unlike heat processing, uses low-pressure, low-boiling point drying, significantly preserving the distinct flavors of raw materials and allowing powderization of a diverse range of products. The development process included input from meat experts, as we studied which part of the pig to use, which brazing sauce and seasonings to add, which powderization process would be best, how finely we should mince the meat, and many other factors. The result was a seasoning paste combining the flavor of chashu and the umami of brazing sauce, generated by simmering prime minced chashu and a soy- and sugar-based sauce.
Granules of chashu were the key to this savory treat. The CVD process was the best way to preserve this wonderful flavor in powder form, successfully powderizing the umami paste specked with chashu granules.

Gourmet chashu in those top sellers as well?!

Success! Nikken Foods’ special gourmet chashu powder with real pork bits—a key player in seasoning ramen soup and Chinese-style fried rice. You’d be surprised to know how many popular food products include our secret weapon…but that’s our secret!

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