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Development Initiatives

Experimenting with new raw materials, developing unbeatable green tea flavor and aroma。Developed product: Instant Green Tea Product type: Fluid bed granules

Finding the best raw materials to augment instant green tea

Japanese enjoy green tea on a daily basis, steeping the dried leaves in a small pot of hot water. Conventionally, instant green tea is produced from the same type of leaves; yet, do those really make the best tea powder? Nikken paid a visit to a tea processing facility and asked the experts to brainstorm the best method of processing tea leaves for powdered tea.

The optimal solution: a mix of two leaf types and careful heat treatment

Instant tea is produced by combining leaves cultivated for making green tea extract powder (for umami) and leaves reserved for grinding (for aroma). Exhaustive trial and error with umami leaves for finishing touches and aromatic leaves for careful drying paid off. We discovered the optimum quality mix! This describes, in a nutshell, the birth of Nikken’s exclusive instant green tea!

Even the tea pros were amazed…“This is delicious!”

We put it to the test, offering a cup of tea to professional tea leaf selectors, tea plantation owners, and men and women young and old. Following a final round of improvements, our tea is now a bestselling product in vending machines approved by the JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) affiliated companies.

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