Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

At home, amidst nature! A guided tour of our headquarter factory

Our Shizuoka headquarters is situated on 25-acre(10-ha) of sprawling land, literally enveloped in nature. Intriguing spots are scattered about our main and sub factories. Take a tour around our lush “Park Plant!”

Extract factory

Constructed as part of our 50th anniversary celebration, this contemporary factory includes a comfortable walkway for observers.

Manufacturing buildings No.1 and 2.

Our factories house sections for production as well as quality assurance and production control. Each item produced here must pass strict quality assurance checks before it is approved by the production control section and stored in our warehouse, ready for delivery to the customer.

Tea factory

This facility is home to the production line for various kinds of powdered tea and other health-conscious foods. Completed in May 2012, this is the newest addition to the headquarter complex.

Spray dry factory

Each manufacturing building is equipped with a specialized spray dryer. Factory use is determined by the raw materials handled and the target flavors. This photo was taken in 2008, upon completion of the newest spray dry factory.

Administrative offices

The unique design incorporates an indoor greenhouse and product display corner along with an array of offices and meeting rooms.

Regulating pond

Our pond is host to small fish, as well as other aquatic life forms. Kingfishers, herons, and wagtails often stop by, while a variety of plants cultivated around the pond offer year-round seasonal delight to employees.

Sports ground

Our sports ground is busy year round with various practices and games, as well as occasional events welcoming the local community.

Ugari cave tumulus

The Nikken Foods complex is host to the Ugari cave tumulus, possibly dating to the late 6th century. You’ll spot it on the right side as you pass through the welcome arch at the entrance to the plant.


Converting exhaust heat into electrical energy keeps us highly energy efficient and less wasteful.

Mountain creek

The gushing water is refreshingly cool in the summer months, and freshwater crabs find the sparkling creek water a welcome habitat.

Private water supply

This structure supports a supply system from our own well, providing delicious, pure natural water, while also ensuring water supply during times of disaster.

LNG Satellite(natural gas distribution facility)

Our complex hosts a satellite terminal (high-pressure gas production facility) for vaporizing liquefied natural gas, securing a three-day energy source for factory operations.

Strawberry greenhouse

We are tenderly fostering strawberry plants, patiently awaiting the bright red berries that will soon be hanging in clusters throughout the greenhouse. What a treat for headquarters visitors—an invitation to go strawberry picking during their stay!

Vegetable field

Organic cultivation, nature at its most delicious—vegetables and fruit trees of all sorts are planted each season.

Grape greenhouse

We are currently cultivating Shine Muscat and Pione grapes. Although we are not yet to the point of harvesting large, juicy grapes, employees seem to enjoy the anticipation!

Watermelon field

Rotund, sweet watermelons rolling around in the field—we are all looking forward to the summer harvest!

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