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extraction and concentration equipment

Mixing and heating

Drying and powderization


Sub-critical water extraction



Continuous Vacuum Dryer

A set amount of liquefied raw material is fed into this vacuum kettle, heat dried, and then crushed. The dryer features the following characteristics:

  1. The vacuum environment allows drying at a temperature lower than that required for normal pressure, producing dried versions of fruit juices or foods with high-sugar content.
  2. Drying at lower temperatures greatly reduces heat-induced degeneration of the ingredient.
  3. The roasted, home-cooked flavor of the ingredients gained in the preceding moist-heat process can be preserved.
  4. The porous quality achieved in the CVD promotes solubility in cold and hot water.
  5. Highly viscous, pulpy, and fibrous materials can be dried with success.
  6. The stabilized vacuum environment produces high-quality products.
Manufacturing Process ‘Vacuum-drying’ of vacuum-dried powder
Product category Meat productsVegetable productsSweet and fruit-based products

Spray dryer

This drying apparatus sprays a fine mist of liquefied raw materials into hot air, instantaneously creating a powder of spherical particles. Pressurized atomization converts the liquid into a fine mist through a centrifugal spray, generated with a rotating disk, and a pressure nozzle.

  1. Even heat-sensitive materials may be heat dried with minimal change in quality.
  2. Dried food products take on an almost spherical shape, providing better fluidity.
  3. The resulting fine powder mixes and processes easily and is therefore suitable for a variety of applications.
Manufacturing Process ‘Drying’ of powders
Product category Meat productsSeafood productsVegetable productsFermented and decomposed productsHalal certified products (Thai Nikken products)

Drum dryer

Raw materials cling to the heated rotating drum walls, forming a film which is powderized through evaporative drying as the drum makes one full rotation.
The abbreviated drying is suitable for heat-sensitive materials and liquefied forms of concentrated materials requiring no hydro-extraction.

Manufacturing Process ‘Drying’ of powders
Product category Tea products

Far-infrared band dryer

The dryer combines hot airflow and far-infrared rays for continuous processing of mass quantities of materials.

Manufacturing Process ‘Drying’ of dry ground powder‘Air drying’ of flakes‘Drying and roasting’ of minced form
Product category Dried vegetable powdersDried vegetable flakes/mince

Direct jet dryer

By blowing hot air directly onto the raw material from the tip of the nozzle, foods can be roasted quickly, producing distinct products requiring roasting, sterilization or leavening.

Manufacturing Process ‘Drying and roasting’ of dry ground powder‘Drying and roasting’ of minced form
Product category Dried vegetable powdersDried vegetable flakes/mince
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