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Manufacturing Process

Powder products

Liquid products


Often used for liquid dipping sauces (tsuyu), dressings, and other condiments, this process preserves the natural zest of the ingredients, adds a cooked note, and further whets the appetite.

Liquid products

Once the savoriness (umami) is extracted, the ingredient is decomposed, resulting in a consistency which blends ideally with other raw materials while preserving natural flavors and goodness.

Primary processing Pressurized kettleNon-pressurized kettlePress

Secondary processing Automatic filling machine Extract mixing tank

Category Product type
Seafood products Bonito extractsKelp extractsShellfish extracts
Fermented and decomposed products Fish sauce


Our pastes comprise pulverized materials and extracts, or highly viscous extracts. They have low moisture content and excellent food preservation ability. Meat and vegetable extracts are typical examples.

Pastes AttritorLine millAutomatic filling machineVacuum oblique kneaderConcentrator Extract mixing tank

Category Product type
Meat products Chicken extractsChicken meat pastePork extractsPork meat pasteBeef extractsBlend of pork and chicken extracts
Seafood products Shellfish extracts
Vegetable products Vegetable extractsVegetable Sautée PasteMixed vegetable extracts
Fermented and decomposed products Soy sauce pastesFish sauce
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