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Powdered tea expedites preparation, export,
and product development with manufacturers.

Tea products

Our green, black, and oolong tea products— powdered loose tea leaves extracted in a process similar to steeping tea in a pot—are simply dissolved in hot or cold water for enjoyment.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Green Tea Green tea powders Nikken’s aromatic powdered green tea products include fukamushi (steamed) and standard sencha. Our leaves are from the tea meccas of Kakegawa and Yame (Shizuoka and Fukuoka Prefectures). Powders
Green tea granules Granules of powdered green tea dissolve quickly in cold or hot water. Granules
Powdered hojicha (roasted green tea) Hojicha extracts are dried and powdered, and available from tea leaves grown in Japan or China. Powders
Powdered genmaicha Genmaicha is a blend of green tea, dry roasted brown rice and popcorn rice, resulting in a slightly smoky aroma. The tea leaves used in this product are grown in Japan. Powders
Powdered oolong tea Two smooth, powdered oolong teas: basic Chinese or fragrant Taiwanese Gaoshan. Powders
Pu-erh tea A convenient powdered version of the fermented dark tea from China, this beverage is popular for its weight-loss benefits. Powders
Powdered black teas Powdered black teas, perfect as a beverage or in baked sweets; Dimbula and Uba teas, both from Sri Lanka, are available. Powders
Powdered mugicha (barley tea) Mugicha is a light, non-caffeinated tea. Powders

Blended and flavored tea products

Nikken produces a delicious variety of blended beverage powders, such as matcha latte and rose hip tea. We also prepare special blends using requested ingredients. Nikken’s small, large, stick-type, and other packaging options meet a range of client needs.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Matcha latte Made with 100% Uji matcha (finely-ground green tea from Uji, near Kyoto), this beverage incorporates delicious milk and rich, sweet condensed milk. Powders
Rose hip teas Extract of rose hips and hibiscus, processed into powder form, and blended with vitamin C, collagen, and oligosaccharide sweetener for a pleasant powdered beverage mix. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of collagen. Powders
Umekobu-cha This unique tea blends powdered kelp (konbu) and pickled plum (ume) flakes. Powders
Black ginger tea A powdered beverage blending ginger and black tea, two key ingredients guaranteed to warm the body. We also offer a blend featuring oligosaccharide, a sweetener known to help improve the enteric environment. Powders

Other tea product varieties

With more people concerned about their health these days, Nikken is now manufacturing extracts, concentrates and dried powders based on a variety of healthy ingredients.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Herb tea Powdered herbal tea makes relaxing quick and easy. Powders

Nikken welcomes outsourced production requests for instant tea, instant beverages, blended tea, and herb tea.

Nikken—the powdered tea professionals.

Located in Shizuoka, the largest tea-growing area in Japan,
Nikken produces contract manufacturing items for
customers to market under their own brand name.

Why powder form?
Powdered tea items are easy to prepare, convenient to transport, and provide extended shelf life.
Flexible, integrated production system
We find the best manufacturing process for each product, selecting the most appropriate extraction and drying method.
Spreading the Shizuoka brand nationwide
Nikken delivers tea of the highest quality from Shizuoka, the heartland of tea production, to every corner of Japan.
Collaboration with production and distribution professionals
Enhancing collaboration between the specialists selecting our tea leaves and the plantation owners growing them.
Order flow

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