Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

Business Overview

Main Portfolio

Natural Flavor

Healthier Foods

Safe and reliable, delivering that profound umami,
a full-bodied yet subtle “savoriness”
that only comes from natural flavors.

Meat products

Created from various kinds of meat and bones of safe materials.
With soup bases for Japanese, Western, Chinese and other cuisines, you’ll find what you need at Nikken.
We provide a timeless and natural savoriness (umami) and richness (kokumi) for the food industry.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Chicken Chicken extracts Extracts that deliver the savory essence of chicken meat, bones and feet. Pastes
Chicken meat paste A full-bodied savory paste made from ground cooked chicken rich in umami. Pastes
Chicken extract powders Chicken extracts are powderized using the dehydration method best suited for the end-use of the extract. We also offer a chicken powder that further stimulates the appetite. Extract powders
Vacuum-dried powder
Pork Pork extracts Gleaned from simmering pork bones, fat and other ingredients Pastes
Pork meat paste A paste fashioned from ground cooked pork. We also offer chashu paste made from roasted pork. Pastes
Pork extract powders Pork extracts dehydrated and powderized in a method appropriate to final use. Extract powders
Beef Beef extracts Extracts featuring the savory yet subtle flavors in beef meat and bones. Pastes
Beef extract powders Beef extracts dehydrated and powderized in a method appropriate to final use. Extract powders
Vacuum-dried powder
Blends Blend of pork and chicken extracts A powder simulating the rich taste of roasted beef through a blend of pork and chicken extracts. Pastes
Extract powders
Vacuum-dried powder

Seafood products

Nikken manufactures myriad items incorporating seafood such as bonito, anchovy, kelp, scallops, shrimp, oysters, crabs and clams. Our lineup covers every cooking need, from the perfect soup base to the addition of subtle flavor.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Bonito Bonito extracts A wide range of variations created with slight changes in bonito broth character, aroma and savoriness. Liquid products
Bonito extract powders Powdered bonito extracts, including one variation capturing the sophisticated sweet scent of bonito flakes and another highlighting bonito’s savory richness. Extract powders
Kelp Kelp extracts Concentrated kelp broth extracts, some made with 100% Japanese kelp. Liquid products
Kelp extract powders Powdered kelp extracts. Extract powders
Shellfish Shellfish extracts Concentrated extracts capturing the savoriness of scallops, clams, oysters and crab. Oyster sauce is also available for Chinese food products. Liquid products
Shellfish extract powders Scallop, clam, oyster and freshwater clam extract powders. Extract powders

Vegetable products

Natural flavors extracted from onions, garlic, ginger, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cabbage, brown mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and more. Each product coaxes out the unique flavors of vegetables and mushrooms.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Vegetable Vegetable extracts Concentrated extracts gained through compressing or extractive hydrolysis applied to onions, garlic or other vegetables. Pastes
Vegetable extract powders Powdered extracts of various vegetables. Application methods—spray drying or vacuum-drying—offer diverse taste experiences of the same extract. Extract powders
Vacuum-dried powder
Vegetable sautées Garlic or carrots slowly sautéed and then frozen. Sautée block
Vegetable sautée pastes Onions, mushrooms or other vegetables slowly sautéed and ground into a convenient paste. We also prepare a blended paste of sautéed onions and mushrooms. Pastes
Vegetable sautée powders Sautéed vegetables are made into pastes, which are then powderized by vacuum-drying. Vacuum-dried powder
Dried vegetable flakes/mince Heat-dried flakes of cabbage, carrots, and bok choy. Also available in minced form (coarsely- and finely-crushed flakes). Flakes
Minced form
Dried vegetable powders Heat-dried onions or ginger, crushed into a powder. Rich, aromatic roasted types also available. Dry ground powder
Mixed vegetable extracts Mixed mirepoix paste of carrots and celery, vegetable broth combining onions and cabbage, and other combinations available. Pastes
Mixed vegetable extract powders Mixed mirepoix pastes of carrots and celery or tomato sauce combining tomatoes and vegetables, powderized by vacuum-drying. Vacuum-dried powder

Sweet and fruit-based products

Powdered items extracted from various fruits, honey, and other sweet ingredients. For flavoring snacks and sweetened creams, enhancing baked goods, and other uses.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Fruit powders Powdered forms of fruit juices, including lemon, banana, apple, strawberry, and citrus fruits (yuzu and shikuasa). Vacuum-dried powder
Extract powders
Sweet powders Powdered forms of honey and malt sugar. Vacuum-dried powder

Fermented and decomposed products

Products made from yeast extract, soy sauce, and fish sauce and other ingredients. Timeless flavorings that add a cooked note to any product.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Brewing Powdered soy sauce Offering an extensive lineup of soy sauce-based powders, such as light, whole soybean, and tamari (dark and dense taste), and saishikomi (fragrant, often enjoyed with sashimi). Powders
Soy sauce pastes Offering two types: our concentrated soy sauce and a paste featuring a roasted flavor. Pastes
Worcestershire sauce powder A powder version of Worcestershire sauce. Powders
Ferment Fish sauce Fermented and matured anchovy extract. Semi-fermented anchovy paste is also available. Liquid products
Fish sauce powder Powdered fish sauce. Anchovy powder is also available. Powders
Yeast extracts Powdered yeast extract Powders
Decomposed products HVP, HAP Vegetable or meat proteins prepared as soluble powders. Powders

Oil flavor products

Nikken manufactures various oil flavors, capturing the unique aromas of onions, garlic, ginger, spring onions, pork, shrimp and other ingredients. These oils give your product a natural aroma and cooked note, creating a taste that further stimulates the appetite. Oil flavors help preserve the savoriness often lost during processing and suppress unwanted smells emitted from certain ingredients.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Vegetable oil products Flavorful oils extracted from onions, garlic, ginger, spring onions, red onions, basil and other ingredients. Oil products
Fish oil products Oils capturing the rich aroma of sautéed sardines and shrimp. Oil products
Composite oil products Vegetable, Shrimp and other seasoning oils combining extract from several vegetables or seafoods and vegetables. Oil products

Composite products

Nikken experiments with various blends of extract ingredients, pursuing new, composite taste treats. Try our three variations—Japanese, Western, and Chinese—to meet your culinary needs.

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Japanese broth (dashi) products We offer our basic savory (umami) flavors, with the individual addition of bonito, kelp, dried sardine, or other typical Japanese ingredient. Try our wasabi chazuke (rice soup) flavoring as well. Blended powders
Chinese cuisine products Flavors with a Chinese flair created from combinations of pork extract powder and fats and oils. Blended powders
Western cuisine products Special blends of chicken extract powder and umami seasonings in handy bouillon cubes. Blended powders

Halal certified products (Thai Nikken products)

“Halal certified” indicates that a product has been safely manufactured under Islamic restrictions. Thai Nikken Foods Company, Limited gained Halal certification in November 2012 from the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand. All raw materials used in the factory meet Halal standards and are used in the 45 Halal registered items manufactured here (as of July 1, 2016).

Product category Product characteristics Product type
Seafood extract powders Powdered versions of shrimp paste, fish sauce, bonito, kelp and other ingredients from the sea. Powders and Extract powders
Vegetable extract powders Powdered onions and other vegetable-based ingredients. Extract powders
Decomposed flavors Soluble vegetable protein powders. Powders
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