Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

Business Overview

Contract Manufacturing

Expanding Nikken technology to outsourced and contract manufacturing

Nikken offers contract manufacturing, applying our expertise and production facilities to extraction, concentration, dehydration, and blending. Our contract manufacturing products range from extract and powdered seasoning blends to functional ingredients. We welcome questions, proposals, and other inquiries.

Outsourced and Contract Manufacturing—Examples

We re-create delicious cuisine in snack seasonings that embrace superb flavor combinations.
A snack manufacturer requests Nikken to reawaken images of a specific dish; we deliver the perfect powder blending selected ingredients.
Herb extracts powdered through spray drying
We extract the essence of chamomile, lemon grass and other herbs, delivering a concentrated, dried product to flavor a functional drink.
Serve amazing cuisine at home—with ease! The key: Nikken’s shortcut to delectable sauces.
Handy culinary sauces will enliven your home cooking. Nikken offers Japanese, Western, and Chinese sauces that will elevate you to the ranks of the pros! Our abundant lineup of delicately-balanced sauces was developed with the home kitchen in mind. Allow Nikken to be your secret culinary weapon.
Mushroom components—extracted and concentrated—yield bottled drinks
Using hot water extraction and concentration, Nikken actualized reishi, chaga, and other mushroom extracts used in drinks sold in plastic bottles.
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