Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

Business Overview


Nikken know-how pioneers the food affluence of tomorrow

People worldwide share the search for health and authenticity.
The pursuit of health translates into the pursuit of natural, safe and reliable products.
Nikken’s mission to pursue the best—through impeccable products—reflects the corporate philosophy of contributing to the health of customers all over the world through natural flavors.
The food science experts in Nikken’s R&D department develop those products through basic research.

R&D Department

Operating Process

Nikken brainstorms manufacturing methods and products by augmenting our extraction, concentration, and drying technology.

Prototype Orders(Nikken accepts special orders for prototypes.)
Prototype Orders Flow
R&D(Proposal-based development)
R&D  Flow
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