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Privacy policy

This page clarifies the manner in which Nikken Foods Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter, Nikken Foods) acquires, utilizes, and protects personal information insofar as the official Nikken Foods corporate website (hereinafter, this website) is concerned.

Acquisition of personal information

Nikken Foods acquires personal information when individuals enter and transmit their own name, address, telephone number, corporate affiliation, and other specific information or inquiries via this website.

For the purpose of use of personal information

If personal information is utilized for purposes other than those listed below, prior permission is always acquired from the individual concerned.

1. Responses to (or materials sent following) inquiries concerning Nikken Foods products or business activities.
2. Responses to (or materials sent following) inquiries or applications related to Nikken Foods recruitment activities.
3. Provision of information and announcements concerning Nikken Foods products and services.

Protection of personal information

Nikken Foods takes necessary and appropriate precautions to safeguard personal information against disclosure, destruction, and defamy.

Provision of personal information to third parties

Nikken Foods does not disclose personal information to third parties without prior permission from the concerned individual, except as permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations.

Release, revision, and deletion of personal information

Nikken Foods swiftly releases personal information in accordance with appropriate laws upon confirmation of a request by the individual concerned. Nikken Foods also responds swiftly to similar requests from individuals concerning revision, addition, and deletion of personal information.

Access log file

The Nikken Foods website access log file does not store information particular to specified individuals.

Legal compliance (and improvement)

Nikken Foods complies with laws and regulations concerning privacy protection, and conducts appropriate review of, and improvements to, this website page.

Changes to this privacy policy

There may be changes to this privacy policy. In the event of such changes, they will be documented on this website.

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