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R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

Relationships with local and regional Nikken Foods communities

Together with Customers

The people-friendly, environment-friendly, and disaster-ready Nikken factory

As we manufacture products used in food industries, many consumers may be unfamiliar with the “Nikken” name. However, we strive for trust each day through our R&D, manufacturing, and sales activities.
Nikken has a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place to ensure swift restoration of operations in the event of a disaster, minimizing risk and customer inconvenience, and ensuring delivery of products trusted by consumers.

Food defense
Precautions are in place to prevent unauthorized entry to factory buildings, including a reinforced security system and fencing.
Logistics management
Enhanced safety through zoning and rack-type automated warehousing system
Improving computing systems
Implementation of backup system, uninterruptable power system, base isolation storage rack (host computer), and SAP system.
Preparation of manuals
Nikken has prepared various in-house manuals, including a disaster response handbook dealing with natural disasters, new strains of influenza, and nuclear accidents.
Reinforcing quake-resistant buildings
Nikken’s main factory is resistant to earthquakes measuring 6 on the Japanese seismic scale. Meanwhile, two facilities are being rebuilt and five facilities are being made more quake-resistant.
Securing power and resources
Nikken secures water, power, and gas to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.
Water: We have an onsite well and water purification facilities. This, together with our power generator, ensures ongoing business in the event of a disaster.
Power: Activation of our cogeneration system (1,000kw) covers most of the power needed for ongoing operations, with the remainder (about 700kw) purchased from a power company. Thus, operations could continue in the event of a disaster.
Gas: Our onsite LNG satellite (natural gas distribution facility) ensures a three-day supply, ready for activation in the event of an emergency.
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