Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

Relationships with local and regional Nikken Foods communities

As a good corporate citizen, Nikken Foods works with individuals and communities toward a brighter tomorrow

Nikken Foods works closely with stakeholders for mutual growth. We are committed to serving our suppliers, stockholders, employees, customers in Japan and overseas, and local community stakeholders through corporate growth.

Together with Local
We further pledge to deepen bonds with others as we fulfill our corporate role, respecting the history and culture indigenous to Nikken Foods communities.
Together with Employees
We are committed to providing a thriving workplace in which overriding principles are shared and individual differences are mutually respected.
Together with Customers
Our goal is to contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle for our global customers through the provision of safe and reliable natural flavors and health-conscious food products.
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