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R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

Relationships with local and regional Nikken Foods communities

Together with Local communities

Participating in Nikken Foods communities

Visitors often comment on the landscaped complex housing our headquarter facilities, encompassing factories, offices, and R&D facilities, as well as a plantation, pond, forested area, and sports ground. Nikken Foods has a history of interaction with the community, even inviting usage of our sports ground by local residents. We conserve energy in a consistent manner through a new cogeneration system (in-house power generator) and our private water resources. The resulting ability to manufacture continuously enhances community development.
Nikken intends proactive fulfillment of its social role, further deepening ties with local communities through environmental preservation activities and adherence to compliance requirements.

The Nikken plantation at headquarters enjoys JAS (Japan Agricultural Standards) certification as an “organic resource recycling facility.”

The roughly 3.7-acre(1.5-ha) farm area within our 25-acre(10-ha) headquarter complex has JAS “organic” certification.* Composting with recycled tea leaves and inclusion of harvested items in the employee cafeteria menu are part of our effort to establish an integrated sustainable system.
*Organic resources are those of plant and animal origin which can be disposed of naturally or recycled as valuable materials.

Our organic plantation recycles tea leaves as compost

Ensuring continued operations in the event of a disaster

Our gas cogeneration system (in-house power generator) and private wells for water provision and treatment ensure continuity of factory operations in the event of a disaster.

Cogeneration system
Our in-house power generation system can function in the event of a disaster, ensuring ongoing factory operations even if external power supply sources are interrupted.
LNG satellite(natural gas distribution facility)
We established an onsite satellite facility to vaporize liquefied natural gas. It has the capacity to provide power for a three-day period.
In-house water supply
Our in-house well can, in conjunction with our power generator, provide a private water supply in the event of a disaster.

Moving forward together, while cherishing local history and traditions

Nikken Foods is home to a carefully preserved archaeological treasure—the Ugari cave tumulus dating back 1300-1400 years. We also contribute to our local community through invitations to use our on-site sports ground and through our participation in the Fukuroi fireworks festival.
The Nikken group engages in compliance management and contributes to local communities.

Onsite Ugari cave tumulus
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