Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

Relationships with local and regional Nikken Foods communities

Together with Employees

An organization accepting individual differences and embracing shared goals

Nikken employees have a “can do” attitude and a philosophy of putting experiences to positive use. This has encouraged a forward-looking corporate culture with shared overriding principles and a natural respect for individual differences. Nikken Foods pledges respect for all, fair and impartial evaluation, and a stimulating work environment.

Nikken’s lush organic farm and greenhouse

We raise organic fruits and vegetables on our spacious 3.7-acre(1.5-ha) onsite farm. Its status as a JAS-certified model organic agricultural farm means that resources are recycled. Our greenhouses, meanwhile, grow herbs and vegetables year-round, producing an atmosphere of perpetual spring.

Greenhouse located within our office building

Organic vegetables on the menu!

Organic fruits and vegetables harvested from the onsite farms appear in buffets in the employee cafeteria. The water and soil are pure and natural. Vegetables harvested amidst such natural blessings are delicious, and make Nikken lunches something truly special.

Organic vegetables offered in employee cafeteria meals

Working up a sweat after hours

Nikken facilities are situated in a spacious landscaped complex featuring a communication room, a gym (training room), and a sports ground. Nikken is also a corporate member of a local sports club and supports company sports teams and activities.

Employees enjoy unrestricted access to the training room.

Opportunities and key roles for everyone

Nikken holds a monthly meeting for all employees, sharing information freely in a relaxed atmosphere. We believe the opportunity for growth is basic to one and all, regardless of age or gender. A relaxed atmosphere offers ease of consensus and speedy decision-making. We also have an internal social gathering known as the “Nikken Foods Party.” This is a friendly get-together where attendees can even look forward to receiving a special gift on their birthday.

The employee meeting, attended by one and all
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