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Safety and Quality Assurance
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Raw materials

Quality assurance is thoroughly implemented at the raw material level. We perform strict product checks at procurement facilities and subcontracted factories, based on our comprehensive list of some 50 items.

Cultivation management

Using the metaphor of a river, Nikken tracks food traceability throughout the distribution channel, starting with a “fountainhead” safety check at the raw material cultivation stage.

Inspected onion cultivating farm
Item Description
Confirm cultivation conditions Visit farm, inspect cultivation conditions
Manage pesticides Collect information concerning pesticide used, check for chemical residue
Manage tracking information Collect cultivation records

Raw materials processing management

We pursue detailed and proactive process management, inspecting everything from the material supplier facilities to storage conditions.

Internal training session for auditors
Item Description
Manage raw material processing steps Collect material specifications, audit manufacturer
Foreign material management Collect material specifications, audit manufacturer
Audit materials manufacturer Conduct annual audit of 40 companies (including materials manufacturers, subcontracted factories, etc.)
Educate auditors Conduct training sessions at least once monthly, establish lateral development of auditing content

Acceptance inspection

Nikken checks the six items listed below. Our sensory test, an essential aspect of food evaluation, is based on expertise and driven by the five human senses, including the taste buds.

Sensory test
Item Description
Chemical inspection Moisture, salt content, etc.
Bacteriological inspection Total viable count, coliform bacteria, etc.
Sensory test Check for abnormalities within taste, shape or consistency
Visual inspection Check for labeling and packaging defects
Analysis confirmation Confirm analysis results (only conducted for some products)
Pesticide residue inspection Performed by third party
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