Nikken Foods ― Creating natural flavors and healthier foods.
R&D and production of natural ingredients for the food industry.

Safety and Quality Assurance
Delivery to the customer Delivery and Inventory Management Laboratory Manufacture Other Initiatives Raw materials


Every manufacturing line is subject to spot inspections related to product characteristics and production processes.
Our methodical quality assurance system allows us to manufacture safe and reliable products on a daily basis.

Process management

Our process management integrates food safety, quality assurance, and product tracing. We fully comply with the international regulations as specified in FSSC22000 and other standards concerning quality management systems.

Access control with key locks
Item Description
Prevent foreign material contamination Vibrating sieve magnet, list of prohibited objects, air shower, adhesive roller
Pest control Double-door access, anti-insect lighting, insect-repellent film (in some areas), anti-insect monitoring (monthly)
Contents inspection Weight verification and double check
Area entry controls SECOM (security company), registration and record of all visitors to our site
Production area entry controls Work area access controlled by key lock system
Work style innovations Improvements proposal system (daily tasks improvements)
Allergen control to prevent contamination Swab testing after cleaning for verification
Environmental check Germ cell count management in packaging room

Enhanced awareness

Nikken Foods cooperates in-house toward elevated food hygiene, laboring to maintain sanitary, tidy, and well-organized workplaces, while improving productivity and manufacturing processes.

Food manufacturing training sessions
Item Description
Food manufacturing seminars We carry out monthly sessions to promote awareness of regulations and manuals concerning hygiene and food manufacturing.
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