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Safety and Quality Assurance
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Products undergo sensory, moisture, salt content, total nitrogen, TPC, and coliform bacterium testing. Components and taste are analyzed, followed by additional quality and safety controls.

Shipment inspection (100 items/day)

In addition to chemical, microbiological and other quantitative tests performed before shipment, we carry out visual/external inspections to enhance our promise of comprehensive safety and quality assurance.

Check for labeling and packaging defects
Item Description
Chemical inspection Moisture, salt content, etc.
Bacteriological inspection Total viable count, coliform bacteria, etc.
Sensory test Check for abnormalities within taste, shape or consistency
External inspection of packaging Check for labeling and packaging defects
Radioactivity inspection Designated products, including tea items, are inspected to confirm content of radioactive substances falls within set limits.


Analytical technology is the foundation of all quality and hygiene management. At Nikken, we maintain a full range of instruments for component analysis.

Gas chromatography
Item Description
Analysis performed on
analytical instruments
Determine whether specified substance meets defined amounts
[Analytical instruments used at Nikken]
Gas chromatograph
Liquid chromatograph
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