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Sustainability Statement

  1. The Nikken Foods Group seeks global promotion of health and natural flavors through its food-related goods and services reflecting the blessings of nature.
  2. The Nikken Foods Group seeks realization of a sustainable society by shepherding our limited natural resources, coping with the “new normal,” and respecting the SDGs established by the United Nations, to ensure preservation of the indispensable blessings of nature for the next generation.

CSR Declaration


We follow Japanese laws, adhere to national social norms, and support the ten principles comprising the UN Global Compact concerning human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. In our overseas business activities, we follow national laws and respect local culture, customs, and traditions in our quest to be a trusted global company.


We repudiate all manifestations of discrimination, respect the human rights of all stakeholders, and prohibit all forms of behavior injurious to individual dignity.


We do not engage in any corrupt practices, such as bribery, in any interactions with clients, have absolutely no involvement with antisocial forces, maintain sound relationships of trust and transparency, make every effort to provide safe and reliable goods and services (and information related thereunto), and seek to earn customer satisfaction and trust to enable realization of mutual prosperity and healthy society.


We realize improvement of the corporate value and continual development, to be the company trusted by our stockholders.


We maintain awareness that our activities may have an impact on the environment and human rights in the countries and regions in which we conduct business, and respect the rights of local residents and indigenous people even as we proactively seek outreach into the communities in which our business has a presence, finding diversified ways to coexist and contribute to local development.


We conduct business activities characterized by resource- and energy-conservation to ease the environmental load and protect biodiversity, and engage in procurement of raw materials with natural resource sustainability in mind.


We follow national and regional laws in conducting our business activities, pay appropriate wages, suitably oversee working hours, provide fair opportunities to individuals in employment, promotion, and training based on reasonable elements of ability and aptitude, respect mutual human rights, and ensure a safe and comfortable environment enabling ease of work to facilitate the well-being of all employees.

Human Rights Policy
Human Rights Policy

The Nikken Foods Group maintains awareness of the impact that our business activities may have on human rights and of our corporate social responsibility; we have thus created this Human Rights Policy and endeavor for our corporate executives and all other stakeholders to share mutual understanding and a respect for human rights to realize a sound and rewarding working environment.

Support for the United Nations Global Compact

We support the UN Global Compact and respect the laws of all nations and regions in which we conduct business activities.

Repudiation of behavior injurious to individual dignity

We respect diverse values and individuality, offer all our employees an equal opportunity to work regardless of nationality, race, ethnic group, religion, ideology, gender, age, impairment, gender identity, sexual orientation, or employment status, and repudiate all forms of discrimination and activities injurious to individual dignity.

Repudiation of all forms of harassment

We repudiate all forms of harassment, whether mental or physical, and provide an environment in which employees may pursue a dynamic and physically and mentally sound working experience.

Repudiation of inhumane labor, forced labor, and child labor

We repudiate inhumane labor based on human trafficking or unjust detainment, forced labor, and child labor in all nations and regions in which we conduct business activities.

Respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

We adhere to the laws of the nations and regions in which we conduct business activities, respect the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, and seek to secure these rights for our employees through alternative means such as dialogue in nations and regions in which the international standards for human rights are not met and human rights are restricted.

Pursuit of a work-life balance

We strive to realize a safe and sound working environment enabling work-life balance through implementation of all laws and rules governing occupational safety and health.

Promotion of respect for human rights through stakeholder collaboration

We share this Human Rights Policy with our stakeholders and promote human rights initiatives in collaboration with related outside parties.

Working toward realization of a sustainable society

We strive to fulfill our social responsibility regarding human rights in the nations and regions in which we do business—including the rights of residents to live and maintain access to land and water resources and the rights of indigenous people—as a means to realize a sustainable society.

Accomplish individual growth

We envision that each employee will maintain responsibility for, and pride in, their work through ongoing efforts toward individual growth within business activities.

Code of Ethics

We comply with the laws, regulations, and social norms of the nations and regions in which we conduct business, and pursue sound conduct based on our corporate ethics.

Repudiation of corruption, bribery, and unjust practices

We do not engage in improper conduct, which includes entertaining clients inappropriately or affording them any personal commissions; nor do we gift, entertain, financially incentivize, or otherwise benefit national or foreign civil servants (including affiliated individuals) in a manner which might be construed as a bribe.

Repudiation of conflicts of interest

When personal and corporate conflicts of interest arise, we repudiate behavior which favors the individual or members of the familial or social circle, or behavior which causes a loss of corporate trust or generates corporate damage.

Implementation of fair business practices

We select business partners and contractual stipulations fairly and properly based on selection criteria such as quality, price, and management reliability; we comply with antitrust and other laws, and repudiate anticompetitive business transactions involving collusion, abuse of superior bargaining positions, and obstruction of free competition.

Information security readiness

We appropriately safeguard and manage personal information gained during business activities as well as industrial secrets including intellectual property such as patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, information technology, and know-how, and repudiate unauthorized access, as well as information leaks, loss and falsification of the above.

Compliance Declaration


Our corporate objective is to contribute to the health of the global population through the manufacture of natural flavors and health-conscious food products.

Nikken Foods unites in promotion of compliance management. Employees implement strict self-discipline, conducting business activities to comply with all regulations and societal norms, ensuring fulfillment of our corporate responsibilities toward society while realizing growth and happiness for customers, suppliers, stockholders, community members and employees.


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