News Release

Notice Concerning Capital Reduction

Nikken Foods Co., Ltd. hereby announces a reduction in stated capital, as detailed below.

1. Capital reduction: purpose
Pursuant to the Companies Act, Article 447, Item 1, Nikken Foods Co., Ltd. is executing
a reduction in stated capital to ensure agility and flexibility in its corporate capitalization strategy.

2. Capital reduction: summary
(1) Amount of capital to be reduced
Nikken Foods Co., Ltd. will reduce its capital stock of 495 million yen by 395 million yen,
leaving a balance of 100 million yen.
(2) Procedure for capital reduction
The full reduction amount of 395 million yen will be transferred converted to other
capital surplus.

3. Timeline for capital reduction
(1) Creditor objection public notification date May 6, 2022
(2) Creditor objection deadline June 6, 2022
(3) Effective date June 20, 2022