News Release

Notification of Internal Organizational Change

Nikken Foods Co., Ltd. has undergone the following internal organizational changes designed to strengthen the corporate entity.

■ Effective: March 21, 2022

■Organizational changes

Newly established: Functional Ingredients Promotion Division / Functional Ingredients Promotion Department (Research & Marketing Section and Beverage Business Section)
(consolidates (former) Second Tokyo Business Office and the Functional Material Sales Promotion Office)

Name change: Third Tokyo Business Office (former) → Second Tokyo Business Office (current)

Newly established: Overseas Business Strategy Division / Overseas Business Strategy Department
(covers former Overseas Business Division roles other than sales and order receiving functions)

Newly established: Overseas Business Office in the Business Division
(incorporates Overseas Business Division’s sales function into the Overseas Business Office)

Newly established: Business Development Office now incorporated into the Business Division

Newly established: The IT and Business Transformation Division
(consolidates domestic and overseas order receiving functions with Information System Division)

Newly established: Environment and Sanitary Control Section in Production Department

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